MORGAN (retired July 2018)

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(LPDK's Morgan Hope of Raven Rock) - born 3/6/13

Morgan came to live with us when she was five months old. I had spent some time with her when she was 3 and 4 months old. When I would sit on the porch steps she would climb on my back and chew on my hair. To this day she still makes sure she shows her affection. She stands on her back legs and puts one paw on each of my shoulders, stretching her nose up to mine while I give her give her a big hug. She has a very sweet disposition and gets along great with the other dogs. She is cautious with strangers and is probably the most protective of our dogs, but as soon as she barks to alert us of a visitor, she comes and stands behind us... big baby!

Morgan is a blue brindle with a small white blaze on her chest. She has beautiful eyes (even several vets have said so) and great conformation. She stands 23" tall and weighs 66 lbs. Her OFA ratings are good for hips and normal for patellas. Her cardiac and CERF are normal. She is clear of sebaceous adenitis (SA). 

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