BINDI (retired April 2017)

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(LPDK's Thru Bindi, Bode Comes Home) - born 12/11/11

When Bindi was three months old, I got a call from Tina at Lawpdoodle K9 Manor that she had three puppies she was raising for future breeding. Of the three she felt Bindi was definitely best suited for a family environment and would we be interested in being her guardian. I was thrilled! We didn't tell our kids our plan to bring Bindi home with us. After playing with all three puppies all afternoon, we asked the kids if they could bring one of them home, which one would it be. Bindi was the unaminous choice! She is very affectionate, almost to the point of being pushy. If she wants to be petted, she will insistantly put her nose under your hand or paw at your arm. She loves to have her front legs rubbed. She's also the referree of the pack. If the other dogs are playing too rough, Bindi will get in the middle of it and break it up. She's the 'peacemaker'.

Bindi was born black and white but has changed into a beautiful silver and white tuxedo parti. She has a tighter curl to her coat. (I call her my berber carpet girl). She stands 22" tall and weighs 45 lbs. Her OFA ratings are good for hips and normal for patellas. Her CERF and cardiac results are both normal. Bindi is OFA cleared for SA. 

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