Older Pups and Adults for Adoption

From time to time we will have older puppies or adults available for adoption. In most cases it will be a mom that has retired from our breeding program. It is bittersweet to even think of placing one of our girls that we've raised from a puppy into a new home. I wish we could keep all of our retirees with us forever but we just don't have the space. Maybe some day when we get our dream farm in the country. Until then, we will be diligently searching for the perfect forever home for any of our retirees. 

All adult dogs leaving our home will be spayed or neutered beforehand. Our moms, especially, have worked hard raising up amazing puppies for new families. They deserve nothing but the best in their retirement. The adoption fee will be primarily based on the cost to spay/neuter. 


Thank you Ann and Allen. You've added a real sweetie to your family!

Meet Haven! She is a red phantom female and as sweet and loving as she can be. She was born on February 18, 2017. She comes from two gorgeous AKC registered standard poodles, Jack and Cali, both of whom are owned by Tina Law at LawPDoodleK9Manor. Jack has sired several of my adults and has always produced gorgeous, sweet temperaments in his many litters over the years. I first met Cali when she was just a few months old. Such a gorgeous, loving puppy. I've watched her grow and pass on her striking looks and personality to her puppies. Haven, along with her siblings Samson (sire to my current litter) and Beets, were the last of Jack's puppies. He's living the sweet life of retirement now.

Haven and Samson were both living with me for a few weeks when they were young. Samson returned to Tina and is now siring his own legacy of amazing puppies. This picture was taken at nine weeks old. Haven is the puppy that is standing. Samson is laying down

                                                      Back to Haven. The reason I consider Haven to be a "special needs"                                                          adoption is that she has a bad leg. We think she was stepped on by                                                          Cali when she was just a newborn. As a young puppy I took her to                                                              several vets, including an orthopaedic surgeon, to see what could be                                                        done to help her. Her right back femur was severely broken and was                                                        healing in a less-than-perfect position. This never stopped Haven, though. Even as a puppy she was just as active as her littermates. There was no indication that her leg was injured until it was xrayed at nine weeks. Haven can run just as fast and jump even higher than my other adults. In fact, she is the only one of my eight adults that can jump the 40" baby gate that keeps the dogs from coming upstairs. 


I had planned to use Haven as a standard poodle mom when she was a little older. Sadly, that is not in Haven's best interest. In order to rest her leg she needs to be in a home where she is the only dog and gets lots of personal attention. Since she doesn't let her bad leg stop her from running with the other dogs, many times she is in pain at the end of the day and has an obvious limp. Her right back femur is two inches shorter than her other leg. This causes her to use the right leg kind of like a 


peg leg so that her hips are balanced. The more she strains that right leg by being her crazy, active self, the more discomfort and pain she is in. Her most recent visit to an orthopaedic vet stressed that she needs much more rest than we can give her.


Haven is a super sweet girl that loves to give kisses. She needs a lap to curl up in that's all her own. It's probable that physical therapy and the right kind of exercise can help relieve her discomfort. I can't rule out that she may need surgery some day, but for now she is functioning well. She has not been spayed, so her new owner must commit to having her spayed ASAP. She is not on any regular medication. She gets along well with the other dogs. Not sure how she would do with cats or other pets. 

Her favorite pasttime is to sit at the base of a big tree in our backyard and watch to see if a squirrel appears. Not sure what she would do if she ever caught one!

If you are interested in providing a calm, loving home for Haven, please give me a call. We love her to pieces and hate to see her go, but we can't provide all that she needs. I keep telling myself that placing her in a new home is what's best for her, as heartbreaking as that is for my family.

Please, only serious inquiries. An adoption fee will be discussed.